AMI Musical Instruments is proud to bring its rich history of affordable quality instruments, known worldwide for more than 35 years, to the United States.

AMI’s history dates back to the late 1970s, when German luthier Günther Lutz was a student at Munich University. After three years of studies, Lutz decided it was time to change course, and he set out to build and repair acoustic guitars and open a retail store for musical instruments with his friend Rüdiger Helbig. In 1982, Lutz flew to visit Nazareth, Pa.-based C.F. Martin Co. with one of his handmade guitars. C.F. Martin was so impressed by the quality of Lutz’s guitar they asked him to do warranty repair for them in Europe, which he did for several years.

It was in 1984 that Lutz established AMI, or “Acoustic Musical Instruments.” Today, AMI is known for its commitment to making outstanding instruments available at an affordable price. Though factory-made, our business partner and guitar manufacturer is one of the most respected producers who has been building outstanding quality guitars for nearly half a century.

Each guitar is designed by Lutz, with the manufacturing process developed in a close collaboration between Lutz and producers in China. AMI is committed to particulars that exceed customary ‘factory-made’ guitar expectations, such as scalloped X bracing, and a dovetail neck joint. This makes it possible for an AMI guitar to be both very affordable and surprisingly warm and musical.

Since becoming available to American buyers in 2018, AMI Guitars has built a network of dealers nationwide. We are now thrilled to also offer direct-to-consumer purchasing through our website.

AMI Guitars are distributed globally under the brand name Sigma.